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Olga Thomsen

My Vision

My vision is to help you to become a better version of yourself through exercising and having fun. I have been a D1 athlete and a coach with over 10 years of experience teaching. I am here to help you get in a better shape, learn new skills, and gain other multiple benefits of regular and enjoyable movement and sports.



PTR, USPTA, IPTPA certified professional

Olga is tennis and pickleball coach who works with players of all ages and all levels. She expertly tailors all individual and group lessons based on each player’s experience and needs. Olga is excited to lead tennis and pickleball classes not only to teach technique and strategy, but also bring high energy, great exercise, and fun!


Hybrid Coach Trainer & Chief Financial Officer

Olga is our hybrid coach trainer, with a master’s in business administration and specialty in sports psychology.  She excels in coaching business planning, self-care, health & fitness, and life balance.  She is bilingual in English and Russian and is an inspiring and motivational coach as well as a friendly person to work with.

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